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    A gold for laughs goes to am-dram’s Olympic farce - ‎‎

    THE 2012 Olympics were a model of good organisation – unlike the imaginary Games depicted in East Essex Players’ latest production....


    Gilbert and Sullivan tour treat stops off at Palace - ‎‎

    THREE singers, 14 operettas, one show. In a rollicking night of hilarity and humour, Gilbert and Sullivan Abridged takes its audience on a whistlestop tour of the famous pair’s work....


    Rich explains difference between us and the US - ‎‎

    WHAT’S the main difference between us Brits and the Americans? Comedian Rich Hall thinks they like to talk about how happy they are and we boast about our misery....


    Harry’s glad he’s stopped burping - ‎‎

    EVERY now and again there’s a Saturday show that captures the imagination of a nation....


    At heart, Arthur is an Essex man - ‎‎

    ONE of TV’s Grumpy Old Men is coming to Chelmsford on Saturday to tell jokes, read poems and talk about his life....

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