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      Film review: Hercules (3 out of 5) - ‎‎

      It seems a modern idea in films to deconstruct characters, turning accepted concepts on their head....


      Movies released this week - ‎‎

      Even if you have disliked the previous Marvel movies, there’s a definite chance you will enjoy their latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy (12A) which is out on Thursday (July 31)....


      The Bard will be back at Arundel - ‎‎

      Last year they were having to turn people away. This year they have been rewarded with nearly 200 more seats a night....


      Petworth Festival: anniversary concert - ‎‎

      The Cardinall’s Musick come to the Petworth Festival just as they launch into a year of celebrations marking their 25th anniversary....


      New Chichester-wide music competition launches - ‎‎

      A brand-new competition is being launched to celebrate musical talent within the Chichester area....

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